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My Past My Present

directed by Melanie Rodriga

Tickets & Schedule

Saturday, October 22

2:30 pm 10/22 at AMC Pacific Place
600 Pine Street
Seattle, WA, 98101

My Past My Present

Melanie Rodriga | 100 min.
My Past My Present
My Past My Present
My Past My Present
My Past My Present
My Past My Present
My Past My Present

While Phee’s parents are away on holiday, she tries to focus on finishing her college film project. However, a new girlfriend and strange visions distract her from the task. Her brother, with whom she shares a close relationship, helps her sort through her fears, enabling her to peer into previously unexplored parts of her life. This authentic and personal take on a young lesbian love story is set on the beautiful coast of Western Australia, and local university students in the cast and crew bring a youthful perspective to Melanie Rodriga’s fourth feature film.

Guest in attendance
US Premiere!

Run time: 100 min. | Australia | 2010
Genres: Drama, Lesbian, Youth
Directed By: Melanie Rodriga